Constitutional Right To Life

As an Independent, as some of you may know, this campaign will also require an energetic and organized grassroots movement. I have already spoken with many of you, have carefully listened to your concerns, and I am eager to work with you.

I have family and friends that are Democrat and Republican. I have never belonged to the Republican nor Democrat permanent political establishments. I had openly challenged both Republicans and Democrats as an Independent candidate, when I knew and experienced injustices, and felt the clear and present danger to our economy, families, national security, environment, communities and democracy.

Furthermore, I am paying for my election for California Governor with my own money. Because I have witnessed and experienced the influence of too much money in our election process that is undermining, weakening and harming our democracy and integrity of our election process.

I know and appreciate the hard work that is needed to run technology start-ups, a Christian educational non-governmental organization and a Gubernatorial campaign for California. More importantly, I know as an educator what is it like to lose my high school and middle school students to inner-city violence. This election and my commitment to smaller class size, school safety, and other campaign issues are personal for me, the parents and children I am privileged to serve.

I am and always have been a self-funded Independent candidate at the local, state and Federal level. I have not and will not ask for money from hardworking Californians like you to do politics as usual. I will never accept money, directly or indirectly, from super PACs, banks, unions, lobbyists, or foreign governments. I am running for California Governor with my money, so why can’t the other candidates do the same? I have never taken any money from special interests like lobbyists because the ordinary voter like you, and your concerns and expectations are my special interests.

I’m here to fight to keep our communities safe, prosperous and keep California the most exceptional place to live, work, study and build a future. Technology innovation, security, and prosperity is a top priority for me. For this reason, I created WWW.DEPARTMENT.TECHNOLOGY because we now live in a world with a new form of a Cold War that I call a Hot War.

I am Fuji, your Independent self-funded candidate for California Governor in 2018. I am here to tell you the complete truth, ask the difficult questions that are not being asked by State Assemblyman Travis Allen, State Treasurer John Chiang, attorney John Cox, former state Superintendent of Schools Delaine Eastin, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. I am here as an Independent to forge a new bipartisanship state government to work hard with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents alike, to get the job done.

I am first asking for your prayers, and secondly, for your vote on June 5th, 2018 to have our government return to what it was meant to be, a representative form of government inspired and moved by the People, from the People, and for the People. Thank you, and God Bless our families, cities, and California!

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