Intentional Voter Fraud by State Government?

Unfortunately, our California Secretary of State has repeatedly and deliberately listed me as another person as “unknown”. I have never belonged to the Democrat, Republican or the American Independent Party. I am 100% self-funded and Independent. ¬†Below is the URL link for registered candidate list that is deliberately difficult to find online.

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Genuine election reform starts with an informed citizenry. I will modernize, secure and expand our voting rights. My solution to stop and deter voter fraud is as follows:

Elections, Voter & Candidate Services

  • proposed Internet site in beta testing for a faster, more efficient and easier to use election site:
  • proposed Internet site in beta testing for prompt, secure and easy voter portal to register and vote online:
  • proposed Internet site in beta testing for candidates to be listed so voters can research all candidates:

We have to make our government what it was meant to be, a representative form of government.

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